We’re living in strange times
The stresses and strains of a confusing world can make us lose track of who we are and what we’re all about. Everything we thought we knew about life and our role within it can seem to be wrong. Change is no longer the new normal: it has been displaced by disruption. Trend lines have been supplanted by step functions and quantum shifts. Predictability has been usurped by uncertainty. This can lead to confusion, difficulties in decision-making, and it can take a heavy toll on your health and on those around you.

It can be confusing
People in leadership positions are especially likely to be affected. As much as anything this is caused by the unconscious expectation that you have to be right and have all the answers, or even that you really know what to do in every possible situation. But our research shows quite the opposite, that leaders are mostly unprepared for their roles and literally make it up as they go. But as the world gets more complex, many people are working outside their comfort zone. It can feel awfully lonely at the top. Some succeed, but many do not. So it’s no wonder things often go wrong. No wonder our world is in such a mess.

But help is at hand
Leadership may be broken, but you don’t have to be. Treat yourself to some tax deductible ‘me-time’, join one of our peer group ‘Triple-R’ Retreats and blow away the cobwebs. ReConnect with the real you. ReDiscover what really matters. And ReAwaken your passion to take the next giant step, whatever it may be. We know you don’t want to attend ‘just another seminar’. Once upon a time, leadership workshops focussed on strategy, team building, projects and profits. But in this intimate gathering, there’s a new agenda: resilience, mindfulness, creativity, play, laughter, and story-telling. The logic is irrefutable: whatever your role, you will contribute most effectively when you are strong within yourself.

Join us on a journey into your future
Participants are people from all walks of life who recognise the value of taking a break from your world to refresh your brain cells and reinforce your energy levels, people who would like to achieve a more balanced life, or need to make tough decisions about what comes next. And are smart enough to realise you don’t have to do everything on your own. Let us lead you on a journey into your future, whatever it may hold.

Retreats range from a day, or a weekend, to several days residential in locations such as
Andalusia, Kenya's Masai Mara and Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

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