The SMEGrowthAccelerator launched in 2016 to great acclaim at The Business Show in London.
business showWhat people are saying:
“Nothing short of brilliant! Look, I’m even giving an unsolicited testimonial!”
“It has completely changed the way we see our company.”
“We’ve learnt new ways to approach marketing and restored confidence in ourselves.”
“Narratives that really show wisdom and great thinking.”
“Simple, easy to implement steps structured around the position we are already in.”

I’m on a mission to help small business owners succeed. Here’s what I believe:
– everyone has the right to run their own business, and more and more of us need to
– it’s a smart lifestyle choice
– but most sources of business advice emphasise the wrong things.
I’m here to put that right. But it takes hard work and a willingness to constantly learn. There’s no magic bullet. I’ve been there and done it myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

Our research shows that most small business owners:
– focus on the wrong things, because they don’t know any better
– mistake marketing tactics for strategy, and waste their time 
and money
– fail to stand out in a crowded marketplace
– don’t seek external advice because they don’t know where to 
find it and they think it’s too expensive.

But if I could tell you how to double and triple your profits by focussing on a handful of key variables, wouldn’t you be interested?

Give me a shout!

The SME Growth Accelerator programme is designed to help entrepreneurs:
– learn, understand, develop and apply essential marketing growth fundamentals
– craft a market dominating position which attracts customers, neutralises competitors and makes more money
– focus their time and energy on what really matters, namely customers and cashflow.

It’s aimed at start-ups as well as those busineses who’ve been operating some time but need help to go to the next stage.

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