It's becoming common knowledge that conventional leadership development doesn't produce expected results in terms of workplace behaviour. The result is nothing less than a crisis in corporate leadership and employee engagement. Personal well-being and corporate productivity both suffer.

We've devised a robust solution to this dilemma, based on our own award-winning research. It's called Creative Leadership. Rather than prescribing solutions that don't work, it helps people in leadership positions to define their own way forward. We're looking for organisations who are interested in exploring new ways to develop their present and future leaders, to partner with us in piloting this novel approach.

We're also offering the Creative Leadership methodology to trainers, coaches and consultancies to help them engage more effectively with their own clients in pursuit of best practice,  continuing professional education, and high impact effectiveness.

Our Creative Metaphor
The leader’s role is to orchestrate a performance that exceeds the abilities of anyone acting alone. Musicians don’t make it up as they go. They combine talent with discipline, coordination with creativity. We believe this to be the role of leaders everywhere. Leadership is a creative process and every performance is different.
That’s why we call it Creative Leadership.
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