Strategic Alignment is our way of helping you turn confusion into confidence, distilling options into opportunities, balancing 'stable and strong' with agile and resilient.

Conventional approaches to strategy were designed for conventional times. But we don't have those any longer. Simple things like mission statements, SWOT and competitor analyses are all well and good, but they're inward looking and not very helpful in helping us respond intelligently to an increasingly confused external operating environment. Even the tools of 'New Wave' strategy making - things like blue ocean, blue sky, horizon scanning and scenario planning - are increasingly powerless in the face of complexity and uncertainty. Of course we need to understand what's going on around us. That alone can be a source of differentiation. But more and more we need to plan for circumstances that cannot be foreseen. We need creativity to do things differently, the ability to learn and adapt, agility to change fast, and the resilience to withstand surprises. Achieving this requires a new and multi-tiered approach which we like to base upon Passion, Purpose and People, underpinned by innovation thinking, and aligned with leadership and culture. It doesn't matter what business you're in, or what kind of organisation you're running, if you want a strategy that succeeds, you need a different way of making it.

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In many organisations, the key pillars of business success are developed in isolation from each other. Strategy - the overall direction, focus and source of competitive advantage on which all business decisions are based - is formulated at top management level by one set of specialists. Leadership is a tougher call than incumbents expect and often fails to get the best out of people. The culture of the organisation - which should be the internal reflection of your brand - is mostly left to chance. And the performance of your people - on which everything else depends - is relegated to the HR department with an inadequate development budget.

But isn't it obvious that if your people pull in different directions, the organisation cannot drive smoothly into a successful future?

Our Strategic Alignment methodology was developed to provide a framework for getting all parts of the business pulling in the same direction while actively supporting each other. It demands an ability to see the big picture, to see the wood as well as the trees. Perception to identify the gaps and active engagement with employees and business partners. Our approach can help organisations in trouble or those who need to redefine their position in a changing landscape. But it’s also valuable for those doing well and looking to do things bigger or better or further afield.

And by the way, performance and profit comes about as a result of a good strategy, they are not the driving force in themselves.
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